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Originally Posted by Alignment

Fixed the carpet thing ;D
I'm laughing at this pretty hard. In your previous screenshot you had a textbox which obscured the trees, but in this one its is revealed that once again you've used an incorrect tile. The trees are on shadows, whereas they should be on light patches XD

Also, judging from your other interior screen shots, I'm wondering why this one doesn't have a shadow running down the left side... I'll quit pointing out inaccurices and such now :x

Originally Posted by Alignment

same as above.
I didn't say this before, but I really like the vibrant tree tiles and pallets - They just pop out at correspond with the grass really well. I'm also wondering wether you have the entrance to Lost Forest in this screenshot, since I can see some mildly different tree-shadowing. If it is your entrence, I'd advise you to make it more pronounced as at this point the player could easily walk by without noticing it Yes, I know there is a sign but I feel like my point still stands :<

Anyway, this is turning out be be a nice hack. I'll still be lurking in the shadows for moar :3