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Hello everybody!
So as some of you may or may not know already, Kirby's Epic Yarn is right around the corner. Kirby's Epic Yarn is the first Kirby Platformer game for a console system in 11 YEARS, making Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards the last console platformer released for the series.

That being said, I felt it necessary to play some Kirby 64 as somewhat of a countdown to it's release.

Care to join?

EPISODE 1 - Be sure to watch in HD!

So yeah, first episode.

Thanks for watching.

First things first, I apologize if this is a little shaky. This is my first LP EVER, so i'm still getting used to talking to myself while playing a game.
Also, I know I have a little bit of a country twang. I can't help it!

P.S. After I completed this first video I started feeling really good about making these LP videos, so i'm bound to be very energetic in videos to come! That makes for a good show, yeah?

EPISODE 2 - Be sure to watch in HD!

Second Episode, still trying to get used to everything!

EPISODE 3 - Be sure to watch in HD!

Third Episode! I liked how this episode turned out.

Welcome to Pop Sta- ERRRrrr, I mean ROCK STAR!
Today we continue to progress as we get past the first two stages of Rock Star.

Be sure to watch as I collect some shards, walk a rock, fail at singing, get hit a lot, and ride on King Dodongo's back!

EPISODE 4 - Be sure to watch in HD!

EPISODE 5 - Be sure to watch in HD!

EPISODE 6 - Be sure to watch in HD!

Yeah Football Fan!