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    Originally Posted by 22sa View Post
    Nope Hinamori is alive but apparently Gin died.

    Apparently Yamamoto stepped down from Captain Commander... pretty cool.

    Aizen's fate... not cool.

    lol @ Orhime not healing anybody.

    I want arrancar panels.
    Are those spoilers for this week's chapter?
    What are Arrancar panels?

    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    Seconded :D

    Originally Posted by Live_Wire466 View Post
    I have more awesome Bleach GIFs. :D


    First two don't work. :/
    Second two are awesome though.

    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Anyone else ticked that Bleach is taking a 2 week hiatus? I know I am >:[
    Well at least we get one this week. And I'm ready to wait, since I had to wait for four weeks when One Piece went on hiatus.

    Originally Posted by Kamiya-chan View Post
    Good point. I'd like to join 11 if possible, since Squad 9 would have a non-captain as it's only member, hehe
    Well Charizard★ seems to want to take you, so I'll make you 4th seat of Squad 11.
    You seem active, so you could probably work your way to lieutenant.
    Although you might have some competition from DeicideBlue if he starts being active again. xD