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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post

You mean that Bleach is going to have a Hiatus after this chapter D:?!
Yeah, its only for two weeks, though.

You should join the club, MRAS. :D

Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Sorry that I forgot about this.
You are now the captain of Squad 6.
:D Yay! my lucky number, AND my favorite Captain's division.



Bleach 423

Aizen is in Soul society prison for 38,000 years. :D

Old man Yama is alive! and Gin is dead. :(

Omg Ichigo did loose his soul reaper powers, and the story just like ended. bam, over with. I think Bleach will do a time skip, tbh, a la Naruto Shippuden and One piece.