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    i love this hack, my favourite 1 ever, but theres a few things i'd like to see improved, vermillion city should have a couple more buildings, not many, just 3 or 4, it doesn't feel like a city, porta vista and maiden's peak also need small towns with them, maiden's peak and the butterfree event need to be further apart, gringy city really needs more buildings IMO, it's a city after all, gringy city needs to be seperated from the guy talking about diglets with route, sunny town and the house of imite need to be seperated, the event where ash is in the ice cave should be between the house of imite and pikachu's forest, not at the north pole, stone town should be a town with the mansion at the end of it, and the should be seperated from the snorlax event, the town with the snorlax event should have more buildings, mossgreen village needs more buildings, as well as neon town, grandpa canyon needs to be a little bigger, and seperated from the hospital, the hospital should be seperated from james's mansion, and that needs to be seperated from the farfetchd event, the farfetchd forest needs a lake and police station, that needs to be seperated from the togepi event, when you get your pokedex upgraded, that should be in a pokemon centre in a town, the same town where you battle misty, bulbasaur's garden needs to be on a grassy mountain, the whole event, even the battle with the hiker, the princess festival should be in a city, even if it's small, and should be seperated from the preschool, well that's what i think should be done about the game, i'm fine with it though, these are just what i think could improve it, i've read previous posts about people wanting it bigger but it would waste too much time making it, but i feel that the towns and cities i mentioned desperately need more buildings and to be seperated, especially route 20, it seems too cramped, sorry for the long post, i just wanna see if i could get this done in the game, not the next beta, but maybe in the final version as in when kanto ends, before the orange islands, yeah, sorry again for the long post, i hope i can say this here
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