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    I also wanted to ask if possibly after everything is said and done he can just add this stuff? the new buildings, possibly new sprites n such (i mean like 2011 or 2012, whatever u plan) you know touching stuff up not now, but AFTER the LAST beta. I volunteer to help with any skills I possess and also develop. (I am trying some things myself to learn this stuff) I just don't like how ppl are complaining about this hack when it's a BETA as in still in development (along with 99% other hacks here). comments are cool for stuff to add later, but really do buildings or sprites AFFECT the story plotline? I wanted to call home at pewter city or somethign that wouldn't affect the story, but couldn't. this kind of stuff I like as well, but it is (Metapod's) "ASH Ketchem" Storyline, this stuff doesn't matter. EVENTUALLY however, it would be great to add more depth and fluff to the hack, but for now is it needed? I don't think so, but hey this is all my opinion and questions for Metapod. Lastly, I agree with smilewolfy on everything he stated in his message, he must be as much into the Kanto episodes as much as I was. If certain things don't follow the series as much this takes away from the suspended disbelief and thus makes it appear to be rushed to the next "episode" of events.
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