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    I think this was a pretty good chapter to end on before his hiatus thing.

    I'm quite satisfied with Aizen's fate in the end.
    I wonder why Kubo never hinted that the Central 46 was rebuilt.
    Maybe it was rebuilt in the 10 day time skip though.

    Yamamoto is alive, and the comment Ukitake made indicated that Kubo never intended to off the old man.
    "Soul Society still has yet to find a suitable person to replace him" (paraphrased)
    I enjoyed the old man getting mad at the three for losing their haori. xD

    I wonder what Mayuri is doing...
    Momo is alive but still recovering, and Hitsugaya is trying to become stronger.
    Poor Rangiku, but I think she'll be able to move on because she's strong.

    I didn't think about Ichigo losing his ability to sense any spiritual beings. :/
    I guess Kubo really is making it so that Ichigo will return to a normal life.
    But it is kind of sad that he won't be able to see his SS friends anymore. :/

    Originally Posted by smile! View Post
    Well, that's it. Momo's still alive. But Gin dies. =\
    I'd rather have the opposite...
    Me too...but oh well.

    Originally Posted by smile! View Post
    The whole Gotei 13 scene was funny. You'd think Yama has something better to rant on rather than the haori. And he lost his arm. Well, that adds one more to the collection of Kubo's arm.

    And there it is, the hiatus. =\ Maybe it's for him to rearrange all the arms he has on his shelf..
    Ahahahaha, that would be funny if he came out with an official list of all the arms lost throughout the series. xD