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    I think everything that can be said has been said and I agree with (almost) all of you.
    But it is not like Ichigo can't talk with his SS friends, he just needs a "medium".
    Since Everyone around him, all his friends, even those without powers, and his family, can see "dead people". And I don't think sado, inoue and ishida are gonna stop fighting they will still see rukia and renji etc.
    Eventually at some point Ichigo dies and will end up in SS, so its not like he will never see them again.
    I hope he gets his powers back....

    I misread, Aizen didn't get 40k years, it is just 20.000 years. They increased it from 18.800 to 20.000 because of his comments.

    I also got this ending vibe from the last chapters, but I hope it will continue.
    Perhaps this (way too long) hiatus is because kubo needs to think whether or not to let the story continue.

    Also, Kyouraku's face when getting yelled at by CC yamamoto = win
    "stylish" XD