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So I've been spriting for a while now and well, it's fun I geuss. Lemme know what you think.
C&C is welcome.

EDIT: All sprites in the Fakedex are public, except for Cublitz, Thundrar, starters, Frostel and Blaziel

If you want to use sprites which are not designed by me, you'll need the original designer's consent, so pm/vm them and get their permission first!

You MAY NOT use sprites which are for Pokemon Iron and Stone, as well as the backsprites! Also sprites with the "DO NOT USE" tag are not for public use.

Tiarra Region FakeDex

My Fakemon Sprites
Ribbit - Frog Pokemon

Croak - Frog Pokemon

Draezor - Baby Dragon Pokemon

Drovum - Dragon Egg Pokemon

Harepyro - Fire Hare Pokemon

Rabblaze - Fire Rabbit Pokemon

Bunnice - Ice Bunny Pokemon

Rabbishard - Ice Rabbit Pokemon

Rabbifrost - Ice Rabbit Pokemon

Parrocho - Parrot Pokemon

Parriverde - Parrot Pokemon

Kroneon - Stone Pokemon (Evee's rock type evolution - use Moonstone ^.^)

Ormole - Steel Mole

Parnel - Arctic Pokemon (My first Legendary Pokemon sprite - they're pretty difficult imo)

Frostel - Arctic Pokemon

Blaziel - Drought Pokemon

Waspain - Black Wasp Pokemon - Chesu's Concept

Kilnary - Fire Bird Pokemon - Chesu's Concept

Swampike - Pike Fish Pokemon[?] - Nimblethumbs' Concept

Blaydyte - Blade Tail Pokemon - Nimblethumbs' Concept

Bambear - Panda Pokemon - Karpman's Concept

Rootle - Root Pokemon - Chesu's Concept

Carotoss - Root Pokemon - Chesu's Concept

Traproot - Poison Leaf Pokemon - Chesu's Concept

(Name not decided) - Narwhal Pokemon - Chesu's Concept

Dripard - Chesu's Concept - Work in Progress

Shrubby - Shrub Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Bristledge - Bristle Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Reptedge - Hedge Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Eelish - Eel Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Eelstrom - Eel Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Raiking - Shock Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Firitty - Kitty Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Fligra - Tiger Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Pyravoc - Chaos Pokemon - Requested by Atif DO NOTE USE

Woopeck - Tiny Bird Pokemon

Peckroo - Bird Pokemon

Krookerix - Large Bird Pokemon

Cublitz - Wolf Pokemon Requested by altariaking/Fireworks

Thundrar - Thunder Pokemon Requested by altariaking/Fireworks

Rocrush - Stonehenge Pokemon Requested by altariaking/Fireworks

My Fakemon sprites - not my designs
Stonbii - Designed by AceDragonite

Himiasma - Designed by AceDragonite

Un-named - Designed by Llennoccm8

Un-named - Designed by Llennoccm8

Tanichi - Designed by BleuVII
Types in order from left to right: Psychic, Dark, Fire, Water, Grass, Steel, Ground

Un-named - Designed by Mijumaru123

Un-named - Designed by Mijumaru123

Ghost fakemon - Designed by ~Kian~

Pokemon Iron and Stone Fakemon

Back Sprites

Trainer Sprites
My first trainer sprite!

My first mugshot, meant to be for the trainer sprite.

Spriting Tutorial
Hmm I also made a quick tut for those who wanna learn spriting:
NOTE: You should save the image so that you can zoom in on the tut as everything's really small... xD

Well, lemme know what you think. C&C appreciated.