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    I'd like to annouce that I have decide to promote smile! to Captain of Squad 13. Congrats

    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    Oh, mangastream tweeted "Bleachtards do not fret, Kubo himself said two more arcs (one 6-8month, one 2-3years) are still to come." I'm glad for this. The 6-8 month arc will likely be a flashback arc, perhaps a TBtP II. The second arc, probably a whole new thing.
    I knew that there was gonna be two more arc, but that's cool that he gave a general estimate of how long they'll be.

    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Just read it.
    Seemed sad when Rukia left Ichigo. And they didn't even kill Aizen! But when Rukia gave her powers to Ichigo in the beginning she was going to be executed for that small matter, but what Aizen did wasn't bad enough? :/
    Well when you say it like that, you have pretty good point. xD
    But maybe because this is a different Central 46, they have a different opinion.
    I don't know, but I think he should have gotten a death sentence too.
    Mayeb it has something to do with him being immortal thought. ;p