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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Oh well, just more stuff to go over later

Thanks for that :D

------- (-o-) -------

I've been working at a million miles an hour over the past two days - Inserting well over a bazillion scripts to fully flesh out the storyline as well as mapping a new city and my favourite route so far. All of the scripting for these two areas have been completed, whilst I added a two-piece event in Frickle Forest that is integral to how it will all be played out.

I am currently working on the last route of the beta, but my time will be severly constrained over the coming month and there is more stuff for me go back over again.

Have some screenies of Frickle Forest, Route 4 and Poliberg - The home of the Lowen Police Force Head Quarters.

Did you restart or something? I don't see the old text box D;
Nice screenshots by the way.
The scripts look interesting, hopefully everything is spelt right this time. ;P

Good luck Fuji~
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