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    Hi guys!
    I've always loved LPs so I thought why not make one of my own?
    So here it is, my first LP! Enjoy!

    Episode 1

    Holy c**p! I can't find a START button on my keyboard!
    What do I do?! What do I do?!

    You better be! Do you know how that START button crisis freaked me out?! I wanna see your superior!

    LOL :D
    That's a really lousy name you've got there. Your parents didn't like you much, did they?

    DUDE! How short are you when that Azurill is half of your size?!

    Who are you calling a girl, you midget?!

    You better believe it!

    That's my name: Matt!
    M + A + double T!
    *oh God that was terrible! Remind me not to do that again...*

    Kinda slow, are we...?

    BRAVO! That's a good boy! Here's a treat for ya.

    Wait, why am I riding in the back with the rest of the junk?

    Yeah, but you're not the one who had to ride in the back, with the rest of the stuff!

    You're damn right!

    Kinda tiny, isn't it? But... I'l give it a go...

    You mean Pokemon slaves don't you?! This is so wrong!

    WOW! A clock! He spent entire 5 bucks on me?!
    Cheap bastard!

    Aww... poor Machoke...

    They got you too? Don't worry boy, I'll free ya!
    It will be my life mission: to free all enslaved Pokemon!

    Not bad, I must say... but it could use a better computer... this one is kinda stone age...

    You mean your slaves?!
    How could you mom?! How... could you?!

    What?! What?!

    Oh man! I thought it was something important!


    So not only do you exploit their hard work, but you treat them as e-mail?!

    Well aren't you a smart lil' fella?
    Now give me your lunch money! :D

    Is she hot? I bet she is when she's got such a pretty mom!

    That's how I like 'em! Nice and excited... *grin*

    She IS hot! Go figure...
    Wait, why is she ignoring me like that?

    She wants me...

    So call the cops. Why are you telling me this?

    Why, it's just a measly little Poochyena?

    Don't tell me you've wet yourself!

    Eeny, meeny, miny moe...

    the Dragon master

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    -Telepathically communicates with Pokémon
    -Heals their wounds
    -Controls Dragon Pokémon