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    You know what's messed up? How pokemon messed up the whole series tradition. Don't you know the first episode of just about every pokemon season (except for Orange League). That pikachu would be overloaded with electricity and turn the female character's bike to a crisp. Well in pokemon best wishes they didn't do it. However in my opinion they should've kept brock. And just to think that at least 2 or 3 of the 8 badges ash got, were given (as never really earned it.) Let's review Boulder Badge, Brock gave that badge to ash even though pikachu's electricity had setted the sprinklers off on Onix. Cascade Badge, the only reason misty's sister gave the badge to ash was he helped saved the gym from team rocket. Soul Badge, ash didn't earn it through hard work. Technically Haunter earned for making Sabrina laugh for the first time. But her dad gave her the badge which is supposed to be the gym leaders job. Rainbow Badge ash didn't earn it only thing he did was save gloom from the burning gym. Earth Badge, team rocket took giovanni's place while he was gone with that shadowish pokemon(mewtwo). But it was unfair cause ash had it easy while gary had to face mewtwo. ash beat the pokemon giovanni gave to team rocket. The orange league second episode when ash was about to send out charizard misty and tracy said no.(error) tracy never knew ash had a charizard. And another thing Ash's age never was revealed and y don't you ever see ash's voice get deeper. So many errors to be fixed. correct me if i'm wrong. In pokemon dp galactic battle in the twinleaf contest. brock helped out at one of the stands. notice how a human is suppose to have 5 fingers on each hand, the artist accidently gave him 6 fingers on one of his hands.