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Another lovely episode with a surprising start as well. It was nice to see Futachimaru and Janobii even though we don't get to see much of their battle. I was rather surprised that Futachimaru was able to beat Janobii.

Mijumaru is so adorable. I found it hilarious the way it showed eagerness to battle, shoving off Pikachu, only the retreat after learning that it's opponent was Futachimaru, it's evolutionary form.

Futachimaru was giving a tough fight, I hate the way the battle was left incomplete because of Team Rocket. The way Team Rocket painted Meowth as a fake Umbreon seemed quite strange to me. lol
Mijumaru is got to be strong to hurl Pikachu like that. o.o

It's sad the way Pokabu was tied up and abandoned by it's trainer for being weak in battles. :'( According to me, if a Pokemon is weak, the trainer is responsible for it and not the Pokemon itself.

And what is that sophisticated Team Rocket machinery? O_O And, Pikachu experiences free fall quite a lot of times. I envy him.

So finally, Pokabu is Ash's new Pokemon. No love for Iris. First Mijumaru and then Pokabu, both disapprove of her. XD; Ouch! Does a Pokeball banging the head of a Pokemon hurt?
Oh Mijumaru! I'm in love with you :>

This was truly a spectacular episode, Best Wishes is going in great. I simply can't wait to see the next episode.
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