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    Originally Posted by Ghost Type Specialist View Post
    What is the Mew glitch of whatever it is? Is it on Pokemon Crystal? I've always wanted to have a Mew on one of my games, but I can never seem to find out how to get one.
    It can be done on either pokemon red or blue. What you have to do is go up the nugget bridge and go left to where you should see a patch of grass. In this patch of grass there is a trainer who will challenge you if you get in his line of view. Don't. Instead go right above him so he is not on your screen. Step down and press start immediately. If done properly the start screen should come up. Press fly and fly to cerulean. Before you fly away a question mark should appear above the trainers head. If not you have done something wrong. Make your way back up the nugget bridge, but this time go right. By the way your start button shouldn't work at this point. Find the youngster with a slowpoke (you might want to know where he is before you do this cheat) without battling anyone else first. Battle him, but make sure there is at least a few steps distance in between you when he sees you. If not, your game will freeze. Defeat him and your start button should work. Fly back to cerulean and walk back up the nugget bridge. At some point on the bridge you should have a wild encounter. It will be mew. If you want, you can also play around with the hex numbers of pokemon and use this cheat to get any pokemon in the game. Just look up how to do it on google.