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Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
Well, here're the Tanichi sprites, hope ya like em!

EDIT: Tanichi Concept by BleuVII

Thank you so much! I'm going to post them over in my thread with a link back here. You truly did a great job!

For those wondering what Tanichi is, or where its name came from, hop over to my showcase thread (link in the sig), or click the spoiler button below:


Tanichi (Pokémon that changes form based on the DS's internal calendar)
Solar Raccoon Pokémon
Type: ??? (the actual type)
Ability: Specialize (changes user's type based on the day)
Method of Obtaining: Caught in the wild. Rare.
Breeding: Ground Egg Group
Base Stats: (undecided)
Held Items: Stabilizer - 20% chance (see 'new items' section)
Level-up Moves:
Power Blast (type: ???) (pwr: 60) (acc: 100) (PP: 20) - Attack that changes type with the user
For the rest, Tanichi's level-up moveset depends on which Route it is trained on. Each route corresponds with a certain type.
Final Design:

Larger Pictures (links only)
日 (sun) - Sunday - psychic type
月 (moon) - Monday - dark type
火 (fire) - Tuesday - fire type
水 (water) - Wednesday - water type
木 (wood) - Thursday - grass type
金 (gold) - Friday - steel type
土 (earth) - Saturday - ground type

Design Notes:
Tanichi is a pokémon with no fixed type, and as such is listed in the pokédex as ???-type. It is a gimmick pokémon along the lines of Kecleon and Castform, who can change types and forms. Tanichi changes based on the calendar day. In Japanese, each day corresponds with some sort of elemental kanji. Tanich takes its type from that kanji. When it changes, the tail-rings, belly fur, and eye markings will change color to reflect its new type.

Its name, Tanichi, is a portmanteau of tanuki and nichi, the Japanese word for "day"

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