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Originally Posted by TB Pro View Post
Okay, so I am having some trouble with the Pokepic commands in XSE. Fire Red base.
#org @part2
showpokepic PKMN_TENTACOOL 0x1 0x1
msgbox @ossincise 0x5
compare 0x800D 0x1
if 0x1 goto @ossincisechose
showpokepic PKMN_SNORUNT 0x1 0x1
msgbox @snorunt 0x5
compare 0x800D 0x1
if 0x1 goto @snoruntchose
showpokepic PKMN_LUNATONE 0x1 0x1
msgbox @birdawl 0x5
compare 0x800D 0x1
if 0x1 goto @birdawlchose
msgbox @whichone 0x6
goto @part2
When I try to compile it says "unknown keyword '0x61 pokepic' on line 47" line 47 is the first showpokepic line. It also says "unknown keyword '0x60 pokepic' on line 51" line 51 is the first hidepokepic line.
Do you have any "#define"s or "#alias"es in that script or, as Spherical Ice mentioned, one of your header files? Perhaps you used "HIDE" and "SHOW" as symbols for a value which would cause XSE to replace all instances of "hide" and "show" with that value (even if they're part of a command).

Originally Posted by nenekins View Post
Thanks for the help, but when XSE compiles it, it changes it back to 0x81A74EB.
The appended '8' doesn't change anything. XSE automatically does that to tell you that the pointer points to an address in the ROM area (as opposed to the RAM).

Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post
anyway,i have a problem with this script,i want to warp to route 1 from one map to another,which is like from vermiilion to route 1 so i do this script,its a lvel script btw.
#dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
playsong 0x118 0x0
fadescreen 0x1
msgbox @1 0x4
warp 0x3 0x19 0xFF 0x8 0xE
fadesong 0x123
fadescreen 0x0
setvar 0x5006 0x1

but after the messge it warp me to route 7 intead which map is no 3:19 but 3:25..
don't noe why

0x19 is 25 in decimal. You should either replace '0x19' with '25' or '0x13'.

Also, please take a moment to read over your post before clicking "Submit". Your spelling is simply atrocious.

Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Furthermore, you can't have Warp 0xFF, so the third parameter was incorrect. The asterisk (*) indicates that it changes depending on the warp number which you want to warp me to. I believe the 0xFF was the problem, however if not then please tell me.
Actually, 0xFF is used in place of the warp number in order to execute a warp to a specific location on the target map. The final two parameters are then used (otherwise they're '0') to specify the X- and Y-coordinates, respectively.

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