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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Uhm, I think you've gotten 'showpokepic' confused with 'givepokemon'. What good would specifying a level and item do if all the command does is display a picture of a pokémon? The actual parameters are as follows:

showpokepic Pokémon_ID X-coordinate Y-coordinate
...where "Pokémon_ID" is a halfword and the coordinates are bytes.
Arrgh! That's number two on the Morono-Meter! BUT I will make myself not look stupid by the end of the day!
Perhaps you could still try my idea with the replace the PKMN_[Insert Pokemon Name here]

showpokepic 0x[HEX number of Pokemon, just look in the previous post for the DEC numbers] 0x[Coordinate 1] 0x[Coordinate 2]
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