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    As someone who's only began to watch the current season and is caught up with the few episodes that are out in Japan.. I think it's good for Satoshi to have caught Pokabu only because if he didn't, who would end up being the hard hitter on Ash's team? He always has one in every season, so it's only befitting if the writers keep with tradition right? Charizard, Infernape, etc.: Ultimately, however, I think Satoshi is getting too much leeway with how easy he's getting these pokemon so I think Pokabu will be highly unruly when it evolves into its next two forms... we shall see though..

    As for Iris.. I did feel bad for her that Pokabu wanted to go with Satoshi.. but who knows, she may end up getting Tsutarja? It's just a wild guess.. especially if it doesn't go to our main protagonist..
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