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    Originally Posted by Igiko View Post
    As long as there's credit disclaimer, I don't see a problem.
    He was probably getting reported by little 10 year olds who are just learning about plagiarism. Silly children.
    On Youtube they made it so you can't claim copyright infringement unless you have proof that you are the original owner/creator/etc.

    This is fairly new though, because what you said happened all the time and Youtube would unthoughtful act on them, without proof. People used it as a way to get people they don't like in trouble. And it is very hard to get the flags reversed. :(

    But usually, a credit disclaimer is good enough for Youtube when it comes to games. If he used any music from any other person in his video, he wouldn't be able to upload it, even if he had a credit disclaimer. You have to have written permission from the original artist.

    Copyright laws are confusing and contradictory. :(
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