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Originally Posted by Surmonter View Post
If you read the second thing I said, you would have seen I was agreeing with you.

Okay then..

To actually be on subject, Youtube copyright laws go farther than the actual law says to. Youtube has been known to take down videos for public use, claiming it's illegal. Stuff like that.

That video is also fake. You can tell by the person's voice that they're making it all up as they go, and that account freezer software is just malware. It does nothing but damage your own computer.
If YouTube is making up their own laws, then someone needs to sue them for legal malpractice.

Originally Posted by Akeraz View Post
GCPM11 has been known to steal content in the past.

As far as music goes, YouTube technically can't do anything unless the full song is posted. And posting non-profit videogame footage isn't against the law or against Youtube's T&C.
Examples of past theft of content, please?

And technically, YouTube can take content off their own site for any reason they see fit. They just can't go around citing false legal doctrines as their justification.