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Originally Posted by MechaTrainer View Post
So I replace the second gotit and it should work now right?
Actually, you should just ditch the second "$gotit" section altogether. It doesn't seem, to me at least, that it's serving any purpose. It looks like an exact copy of the other "$gotit" section but without the 'end' command, which might cause bugs. Your final script should end up looking something like this:
#org $begin
checkflag 0x232
if B_true goto $gotit
message $q
boxset 6
givepokemon 1 5 0
setflag 0x232

#org $gotit
message $hi
boxset 6

#org $hi
$hi 1 = What are you wating for? Go On!

#org $q
$q 1 = Good Morning \v\h01!\nI'm glad you wanted to be\pa Pokemon Trainer\nTo start you of here\pis a Pokemon I found alone\nand abandoned.

I preemptively blame any errors in that script on the fact that I haven't used Pokescript in almost two years now.

Originally Posted by Mekaj View Post
wat if two sides are sand and two sides are water how would I do two different borders? would I have to edit the ASM?
You can set the border block to water and then expand the map so that the player can't see the border on the sand side. Or vice versa.

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