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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
Yes, but unless those people have had their work copyrighted, he hasn't broken any laws.

I remember him being suspended before, but his account was restored. He does have a back-up account, but I still never have trusted YouTube's legal practices. I might sue them one day after I get out of law school.

But back on topic, the only thing I've seen him uploading lately was his B&W walkthroughs. So... I guess LPs are copyright infringement now?
Actually, it's somewhat in the fine print. In order for gcpm11 to have gotten the stolen work, he would've had to have ripped it off the internet somewhere. Most of these websites these days have it written in the terms of agreement or even a copyright notice down at the bottom of the site stating that "All work is copyright @ the original uploader."

It doesn't require some big, fancy certificate and money put down on the work in order to have it a under the copyright terms.

"But GCPM11 uploaded it, therefore it's his now."
No, he stole it. If the artist finds it, they will take it down one way of another.

These are the rules and giancarlo should be sure to abide by them.

As for LPs being outlawed:
There are tons of people posting LPs being posted all over YouTube these days. Some of the people get paid to make the videos under youtube's partnership program. I'm positive it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a LP video. However, it MAY have something to do with the fact that it's Black/White and it hasn't been released in America yet.
Much like how Nintendo had Serebii take down it's images of Black/White for awhile. As a matter of fact, a lot of Black/White stuff has been removed from Youtube here lately.

It's generally a good idea to stay away from posting newer released games for awhile. Only until it's worldwide, or you have the right permission.
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