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    I am thinking about a new Pokémon Game since several month (actually I've had a similar Idea last year). When I played the first Pokémon Games I had a feeling that some Pokémon Veterans might know. It's the feeling that comes up, when you're playing a simple game, that does make lots of fun, because it is not difficult but does open lots of possibilities. The first generations gave you tons of things you could do, even though it sometimes got a bit boring to do the same stuff over and over again.
    Every time I bought new Pokémon Games, I missed this feeling. The newest game I bought was Firered. I tried the newer games out at my friends’ places but they just didn't give me the feeling I've been searching for. My aim is to create a Pokémon game that does unite modern possibilities with old goods. Therefore I need a group of people who would like to work with me.

    Some facts about my Idea:
    - I want to unite Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh in one game, enlarge the known areas and add new ones.
    The player shall not be finished, when he/she has some Pokémon at level 100. There shall be plenty of work to do. Aside of the main story plot, there should be side quests that do enlarge the game time a lot. To make rerolling attractive I want multiple main plots.
    The four main-continents shall get two new companions. Additionally the old areas shall get new parts.

    - I would love to see a multiplayer with multiple people running around in the actual game world, acting with each other and working together.
    It’s fun to fight against other players, but it would be more fun to do more with them. Therefore a new kind of multiplayer would be needed: An open-world-multiplayer familiar to modern MMORPGs.

    - I want the Pokémon to get more important out of fights (Therefore I do have several ideas).
    Why does the hero use a bike? He does have Pokémon! To raise the Pokémon’s “reputation” I want new abilities like “riding” or “jumping”. Additionally I want the abilities to be “leveled”, so that there are “slow riding”, “riding” and “fast riding” (just examples). The different abilities and levels of abilities shall unlock new possibilities in game.
    I want the player to be able to release his Pokémon, so that they follow him around. Not just one Pokémon! Why not release all of them at once in a park? Wouldn’t it be more fun?

    - I do not know if my ideas are NDS conform. It could be possible that it will only be for PC.
    This might shock lots of people reading this but I am no fan of Nintendos politics, which do make the Pokémon fan buy new generations of Gameboys all the time. Plus no Gameboy or Nintedo DS has the same capacities a PC has.

    - I do NOT plan on doing any rom-hacking. Everything in the game shall be made by the team itself.
    Rom-hacking might do fun and so on but practicing rom-hacking does set limits. When coding everything it is possible to erase those limits.

    - I do not want any influence of Black and White.
    Lots of people do like the new generation. I don’t. It might be because I hate the way Nintendo does try to implement the new 3D technology but the old 4 are a unit for me and I the new ones just don’t fit in this unit.

    - I do not plan on using the new 3D-possibilitys. I would prefer a new multi-layered 2D-Engine with some new features.
    3D is fine as long as you do have stuff to use it for. Pokémon was fine without and it will be fine without. There are lots of things you can to with good 2D-Engines so why not use these instead? Rotating cameras and so on don’t fit in my thinking about Pokémon.

    [B][b]What do I need?
    It’s obvious that I do need people for my project who are willing to work lots. I do need all varieties of people. Storywriters, Mappers, Spriters, Coders and so on. For me, the most important is not the skill but the fantasy of everyone in the team. I do not need people that just follow orders. For me new ideas are as important as my own.

    I hope I’ve been able to wake up some peoples interest. Everyone that might be interested in joining my team and working with me, just send me a PM. If there are any questions I am willed to answer them via PM or (if necessary) via ICQ or Skype.