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    Crap, I would rather have an episode where Shooti gets his ass kicked by the champion than an episode with one of the generations WORST DESIGNED Pokemon (an ugly this episode is most likely to suck, and by the way, WHERE THE HELL IS TEAM PLASMA ALREADY, seriously, we passed Karakusa Town, and Team Plasma is nowhere in sight, it's pretty clear that, like usuall, the writers didn't play the games, pray they appear in Shippou City and get SOMETHING right for once.....

    Sorry for the long rant, I just have yet to see Team Plasma, N or any character from the game other than Aragagi and the Gym Leaders, hope they make enough room for Team Plasma, which is by far my favorite villian team next to Galactic, and N will HAVE to appear SOMETIME, considering how significant the character is to the story, which, if you read my signature, will most likely screw up royally, and so far, they have screwed it us, and just in case I change my signature by the time you read this:

    No matter how good, how dark, or how mature the plot of the new games are, the anime will try it's hardest to screw it up.......
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