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Ive actually seen alot of what he's done, its really a bit stupid too!
- Before HG/SS came out he uploaded fake screens for games called "Dawn and dusk Silver and gold"
- Whilst HG/SS were confirmed ect, he found fake corocoro images on Deviantart and took pictures of them on a phone, then uploaed it to youtube and pretended they were "Leaked" - well, I can't back up if he took the images though, he claimed he was send them in a message - these things included, Hoenn region, fake cynthia battle's etc...
- He stole videos from other uploaders like HG/SS demos etc, removed their watermakes and somtimes even but his own logo over their watermarks (yet you could still see under it writing under)
- Stolen music created by others
- Started wars with other competitive reporters, the list goes on...

Even serebii's webmaster has stated he doesn't like the fake stuff he posts!

To be honest I find the whole thing stupid, it's just youtube and people should know if something is fake once they see it!

Gian- sorry, John is just an avaerage teenager who posts videos on youtube, not everything he posts will be true!
On topic, I think the wholse copyright thing can be very annoying, since ive had alot of my videos deleted in the past aswell!~
But considering playthroughs, I don't think they should be deleted, if you legally brought the game with money they you have the right to play it, even other people watch you xD
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