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    Originally Posted by kostika View Post
    the game is completed or not??
    No sir/ma'am, the game is not complete. It will be eventually though.
    Originally Posted by aSeRo141414 View Post
    oh my !!! the intro was so cool! when he late he got a legendary! how lucky!
    Why thank you :3 A cool intro isn't getting me into hack of the Year alone.
    Originally Posted by DanishDahl View Post
    No idea if this minor bug have been reported but when In the elemental challenge house and using the computer, the screen goes black if i try to deposit.
    Well anyway thank you for a real nice hack with an epic start! :D And thank you for placing cubone in the start, cubone is the most epic win ever! :D
    Thats a major bug actually. I'm trying to get some money in order for HackMew to fix it.

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