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Changed my mind sorry, I don't have enough time to do this.
Could a Moderator please close this? Thanks.

Pokemon Black
Because the white legendary reminds me of Digimon.

Some references may be a bit striking, if they aren't allowed, someone tell me off so I can remove them.

A reminder to everyone that the game belongs entirely to Nintendo, and due to legal issues I will not distribute the game in any form, PM's and Email's will be deleted. Also, I won't be screenshotting everything in the game, only the bits where something popped up in my mind. And without further ado, I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1

Beginning of the Game

Thanks for the clarification.

Plus the repetition.

Yep, it's the right game.

English, but later it proves to be Kanlish.

Nice name, my name is Brane.

Don't they call Professor Oak that? And Professor Elm? Plus Birch... you get it.

Hold on, I gotta go check.

I'm a boy.


How is that even possible?

Teenagers these days, no respect.

Kanoko Town

Probably hungover, we better wait another hour.

Yep, the alcohol is still there, she can't speak properly.

To save you repeated amounts of text, the next bit goes on about how the Prof left us a box with three Pokemon in there (this is starting to sound like illegal Pokemon importation).

Thanks for that, how much do I owe you?

Just cause it looks so cool, and evolves into a green Milotic, and this Feebas comes EASY. None of that only one tile stuff.

Why do you think I chose it?

Yea, we'll see about that.

Don't you mean let's have a Pokemon battle? You really are hungover.

That's right, you fainted.

Well you better clean it up.

I thought you had the strongest one? Why are you nervous?

Ahh yea, that's why.

Then they go on about some other stuff, and leave me behind with this mess.

Woo, I can make food out of this! That's what it's for, right?

Damn right they are! They breathe Fire, spit out Acid and Water! Plus those huge Hyper Beams, he's the smart one!

I thought this was in English...

It's okay guys, I can step outside for a bit?

Is this my birthday or something? What else you gonna give me?

That's what Pokemon Center's are for! Geez.

Now who's getting hurt?

Yep, it's my birthday.

Route 1

Shiny screen.

Yea, they tell me the same thing ten times. I GET IT.

Not again >.<

I'll give you my Pokemon for yours, yea?

Haha! You caught a beaver with rabies!

I give up...

Definately my birthday.

So you both went behind my back? So much for English, sheesh.


Yea, that's right, I won.

Epic battle, but I'm the guy who learns Vine Whip, not you.

Karakusa Town


*Puzzled face* Mmhmm, yes, ok, I fully get you.

Otherwise it wouldn't be so big! Duh!

Phew, luckily you don't talk for a few minutes like the other three.

Thank god that's over.

To be continued...