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Oh. My. Gosh.
I cannot express how much I love Mijumaru in this episode XD; He's just so adorable. n_n; Poor Pikachu, though u-u;
I felt awful for Pokabu. Its situation was tragic. Like Astinus said, I think it warmed up to Ash a little too quickly, but oh well! Yet, at the same time, I really wish Iris had caught Pokabu. It makes me sad that she only has one Pokemon, and if Ash has all starters, that means less variety of his team. So far, 3 starters + Mamepato + Pikachu = only room for one more Pokemon. I hope it's something good. D:

I'm thoroughly enjoying Team Rocket, though. I generally like them, but I'm liking them more this season because they're as I remember them in like the second episode of the series: hardcore . I wish James would catch a Pokemon though like Churine.

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