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Hola, all and welcome to:

The Trio- Species Challenge

The point of this challenge Is to complete any game (Or for a challenge do all generations [ultimate trio species] ) with three totally different Pokemon.

- The three Pokemon must be of 3 totally different types, if there is a secondary type, try to limit those. (For example, if your trio-species challenge included Sceptile, Altaria, and Gyarados, this WOULD be tolerated because Gyarados's secondary type is flying and it cannot learn many flying moves, however Sceptile, Altaria, and Pelipper wouldn't be tolerated because Flying is a half-type of both Altaria and Pelipper)
- You should limit yourself to 1 Pokemon being hacked in, but in some situations, 2 would be allowed, however, 3 is just too many
- Trading is allowed, most preferably in egg form
- Please do not use any cheats to make the game easier, it's supposed to be a tiny bit easier and tougher (at the same time) than the Duo Run, considering you have a bigger variety of Pokemon, but you also have another Pokemon to feed to train.
- Absolutely NO legendaries, this is for the fun of the challenge, otherwise it'd be too easy.
- The challenge is over when you defeat the Elite Four and Champion, Or when you beat Red in G/S/C or HG/SS
- In relation to the above, if you were to do an ultimate challenge with the trio, It would end after you finish all 4 generations.


^All by jdthebud, THANKS SO MUCH YO.

If you would like a custom Userbar for your team, you can PM jdthebud for one but ONLY if it's for an ultimate challenge (:

IMPORTANT: If you check the front page and you do NOT see your name on the list OR something is incorrect on it, please, LET ME KNOW so I can fix my oopsies. Thanks.

- plerty16 (Red)
- Cyndadile (Blue)
- Skitty123 (Blue)
- Suicune™ (Yellow)
- rew_s11 (Red)


- dragonite149 (Crystal)
- Luigi-San (Silver)
- BongTokingPokemon (Crystal)
- Firework. (Crystal)
- cazzler (Crystal)
- AmatuerHacker (Crystal)


- WeightyWillBill (Ruby)
- Suicune™ (Emerald)
- Haunted House of Onyx (Emerald)
- Zeffy (Emerald)
- Zoroas (Ruby)
- Espeonrules (Sapphire)
- brodioh (Ruby)
- FuriousFox (Emerald)
- seare825 (Emerald)
- Tonko (Emerald)
- k137an (Ruby)
- KoboraX (Emerald)
- FlayedTree (Emerald)


- Canine (FireRed)
- Lawenia (LeafGreen)
- brodioh (FireRed)
- Scorpio219 (FireRed)
- childofmetal (FireRed)
- Pika-power (FireRed)
- MSIMMe (FireRed)
- kitred123


- RebelliousDuck (Platinum)
- Stormer (Platinum)
- bluekyleb36 (Platinum)
- chocolatepie2 (Platinum)
- Syrah (Diamond)
- Shadowbane92 (Diamond)


- HGLover (HeaartGold)
- kelsey725 (HeartGold)
- DarkDragonTamer (SoulSilver)
- Eeveé
- レイジングブラスト (SoulSilver)
- BringYourOwnKites (SoulSilver)


- bilzandpap (White)
- TB Pro (White)

Ultimate Challengers

- tachikaze316 ( FireRed/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum)
- boomerjp Yellow/Crystal/Ruby/Platinum
- Porygon Z FireRed/HeartGold/Emerald/Diamond/Black
- ThwackX LeafGreen/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum
- Sgt_Grovyle Yellow/SoulSilver/Emerald/Platinum
- myrrhman / Blue/Silver/Sapphire/Platinum
- mythologicalHAX FireRed/
- [email protected] FireRed/Gold/Emerald/Platinum/White


- Zaroas (Platinum)
- Sydian (Ruby)
- Tony Montana (Red)

Ultimate Champions!:

- vaporeon7 Red/Crystal/Ruby/Platinum ,
- jdthebud Yellow/Gold/Sapphire/Platinum

So. Let's begin =D

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