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Originally Posted by Live_Wire466
What's happening in the anime tomorrow?? :0 Something awesome you say?
I believe ILPy appropriately referred to it as "Aizen's reverse-gangrape". I was looking forward to it for quite some time. It is also the beginning of the actual battle with Aizen, where everyone jumps in one after the other. And then Aizen tears them a new one.

Awesome! I just watched it and it was rather Epic. Especially the final minutes! It all happened in a blink of an eye.
Did I already say it was Awesome?

Originally Posted by Kc
Does anyone like my new avvy?
Its cute, who is it?

I had mixed feelings about the new captain arc. At the time I was still catching up and I thought; Yes, A new captain!
For being a filler it was not bad, but it dragged on for too long.

Originally Posted by Zam
you can watch them on the official Viz Bleach site.
Actually, I can't, It doesn't work on my continent.
Or I need to download something, but I doubt it since my pc is up to date and this stuff usually does work.