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    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    Making tons of backups is always a good idea...

    Anyway, I don't know how corruped your main rom got but perhaps you could transfer some data from it to the older one that you're working on right now.
    To do so, I'd suggest you to use Notepad (it's not that simple as notepad shows the bytes as some odd marks but you should be able to find the right spot if you make the rom even more glitched up by for example replacing all data in front of the offset you want to copy & paste to your older rom with one single byte (like 00)).

    Not sure if I made sense but here is an example.
    Let's say you want to transfer the data between offsets 0x19000 & 0x19A00 to your older rom.
    First open the corrupted rom with hex editor and go to some offset in front of 19000 and re-write all the bytes with 00's and do the same at 19A01 -->.
    Then, you should be able to find the right spot in Notepad where you just copy all the odd marks between the ones shown as 00 and paste them to the same spot in your older rom.
    Too late for that. I've already updated the back up, but thanks for the effort. Those wierd numbers & letters, I'm sure are probably in binary as well (called ASCII)

    Also isn't doing that the same as copying the data from the back up to the corrupted ROM?

    Originally Posted by 5qwerty View Post
    Alright, that sounds okay. Just be sure to make your ideas original.
    As for the EMon, why don't you make them look a lot stronger? Or are they the "look weak but are strong" types?
    Screenshots look cool, do you plan on changing the grass and flowers?
    Yeah, I try to make my Fakemon have original concepts. They're more 'Some are weak looking and strong'. Then there are some that are 'Strong looking' and are amazingly strong

    I'm debating on making an Emon-legendary type thing. It's definitely going to be quite the task if I decide to do so :/

    Actually the term 'Emon' had a much more deeper meaning like Pokemon. But I honestly forgot D:

    Since last time, my idea of when to release a beta has changed. The duration of the hack so far is about 1 hour and 10 mins if you play at 350-400%. My team of 3 at the end of the current length were:
    Charmeleon : Level 24
    Grimer: Level 18
    Oddish: Level 15
    Geodude: Level 7 (HM rock smash slave :3)

    So I've decided that it's going to be longer (until the point where you come face to face with your first Emon and fight it, as well as complete another Gym trial (in the form of a side quest)).

    In terms of scripting and mapping here is the progress:

    Root Town - 100%
    Route 1 - 100%
    Cavern Pass - 100%
    Fault Cavern - 100%
    Route 2 - 100%
    Crosdon Town - 100% (1st gym)
    Route 3 - 100%
    Lost Forest - 90% (need to get new grass for it)
    Route 4 - 100%
    Mayven Village - 100% (2nd gym)
    Route 5 - 90% (add one more trainer)
    [Yet to come up with a name] mountain - 40% (Still need to finish the scripting and a couple more smaller maps inside it.)
    Ravenna City - 0% (still an idea lol. Well the beta will end once you reach here).

    Thanks for all the support guys. I'll come up with some more updates this week