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I figured I might as well update. I usually update after one gym, but I'm kinda blazin' through since I only have one Pokemon. Don't wanna clutter the thread.

Game: Ruby
Player: Dude
Badges: 2
Time: 4:21 (I think...something with 4 hours, idek)

Followill / Combusken (m) lv. 31 @ Exp. Share
- Double Kick
- Bulk Up
- Ember
- Peck

Zigzagoon x 5 (Rodeo Ring, OldJailKey, AlexIsSexi, Garrid!, and Zimbawee)
These are all HM/Pickup slaves

So yeah. I'm about to beat all the trainers on Route 117 and Wally and then take on Watson. I imagine I'll be sporting a Blaziken at the end of this. Heck, Followill will probably be level 50 by the time I catch a Trapinch, lmao. Oh well though.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!
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