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Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
Wow, the shrine is fixed! Your'e like the first person to ever listen to my advice. Other dudes just say if I don't like it I don't need to play their game.
Well, I tried your suggestion, and it DID look better.
If I think it can improve my hack, I'll add it in.
Part of my awesome customer service.
Originally Posted by MaX Kazuki View Post
i tried this hack yesterday
it's very nice and bring the memories back...
BTW i'm new here, hello to everyone :D
Thanks for the comment, and welcome to PokéCommunity! :D
Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
From the looks of it, this could potentially be one of my favourite ROM hacks of all time; up there with Pokemon Prism. The amount of effort and how it looks like it will have all of the features of Pokemon Crystal are amazing, in my opinion. I have some questions:
  • Will you be able to decorate your room? I haven't really played the ROM much so I haven't checked. Additionally, will the decorations from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal be in it? e.g.: the game consoles, the beds, the plants. I'll try, but that'll probably be added in after the Johto/Kanto part is completed.
  • I'm wondering how Buena's Password is going to be done, assuming it is in it. XD Well, the radio is planned for later, and, well, Buena's Password will come with it, obviously.
  • Will it just be the Battle Tower, or will there be the Battle Frontier. This also leads on to my next point... There might just be the Battle Tower in Johto, but Sevii will most likely host the rest.
  • What about features from Pokemon Emerald like the Pokemon Contests? Will they get ditched completely, or will they be in Crystal Dust in some fom? Just wondering because I kinda liked Contests. XD Again, Sevii will probably be a host to those kinds of things. My Johto will be pretty much the same as in G/S/C, although the new features will come in the Islands

I might get round to playing the Beta fully later. Can't wait until it's finished, and good luck. :D
My responses to your questions are in bold.
Thanks for supporting CrystalDust! :D

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