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    I'm not. With the exception of sequels to fics not yet finished and one fic that I can't plan until the English release of B/W, I have no stories I could use for NaNo. There's one that I just started the planning for last night that would definitely allow me to reach the 50,000 word mark. The thing is, though, is that I would much rather write that fic by hand due to the amount of research and videos that I would have to watch. And doing that would automatically cut into my typing time, which is already cut short by increased work hours and reading.

    Personally, I'm doing my own NaNo for fics that I've already written out completely. My downfall is that I hate editing and typing what I've already completed long-hand, so my plan is to force myself to write what I've already typed. It's pretty much the NaNoEdiMo that happens in December for everyone who used NaNoWriMo November to their advantage.
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