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I'll be the judge of whether or not you're nerdy enough... You could just know stuff that I don't My age prevents me from knowing as much as I could... and my laziness.

*hides glasses*
Age never stopped me. I learned a lot from wikipedia/discovery channel/scifi stuff. And you can't be more lazy then me, I learned stuff by watching rather excessive amounts on TV. I even learned english from cartoon network. Which allowed me to sleep in english classes. To this day I still do not know grammer rules, without making (many) mistakes. XD

I still don't get what you mean by that exactly.
Then allow me to teach.
First; a few famous words:
"People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. You must present something of equal value in order to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent exchange in alchemy.

"In the early days, we believed that to be the one truth in the world." -Alphonse Elric"

Basically it means that in the universe nothing is lost but simply converted in something else. The beginning and the end have the same value, though maybe not in the same form. Even though alchemy isn't real, most of FMA rules are. Everything has a cost of equal value. When molecules are broken apart, energy is released. When molecules fuse together, energy is stored. This is one of the basis of the universe. For example, electricity can be used for many things, like machines, but only a small portion of the power sent to the machine and actually used for what it is meant to do. The rest dissipates as heat or other byproducts (This concept is also known as efficiency). Overall the energy stays the same, it shape only changes. If you want to release a certain amount of energy, you will have to give an equal amount of energy, in whatever form it is. Maybe this is bit hard to grasp, so i'll use a more simplistic example. If your pokemon has 5 uses for tackle, each time you do a tackle, that number goes down. You "give" one uses away to do a tackle. If you have no more uses, you can't do a tackle. You can't use what you don't have.
To get back on what it means for my zanpakuto; even tough my power has a wide coverage and my moves are epic, I can only use them if I can give an equal amount of reiatsu in energy it uses. I haven't mentioned consequences everywhere or they might not be obvious, but with this I am trying to say that nothing comes free and nothing is infinite if you can't sustain it.

This goes for many other things.

Now see what you've made me do. I wrote another story.

I don't understand.
You ditched him for me, now he is sad. Or something