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Originally Posted by MaX Kazuki View Post
sorry Diego i got this two mixed up
I play both games (Totodile for Dust, Cyndaquil for Shards) and stop at same place( Azalea town)
anyway if i continue playing the game ,where did u end beta 1?
Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
If I did read correctly, I believe he ended it at the sudowoodo event.
Yes in fact, you did read correctly. Thanks for answering!
Originally Posted by Flandre Scarlet View Post
Hmm, I must say, this is looking pretty good. I like how you used Emerald as a base, I love the Emerald engine even though it is very similar to the R/S one. The Graphics are looking fabulous, and the scripts are nice too. I will have to play this when I have free time, it looks like a very interesting game. Good job, and good luck for the future!

Thanks for the cool review! I agree, Emerald is an awesome base.
Originally Posted by chriskid198 View Post
Woah! This looks good!

Though, I noticed that it has a shade of yellow to the screen... Is it like that the whole game?
Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post

i guess its the d/n system only..

anyway im posting this because diegoisawesome told me too
onto my post,
In reality there is many remake but this one looks good.
Its quite good and i certainly want to play it, been having nostalgic feelings with gold/silver games..xD..
They look almost identical to the original one and i am impress.
I am waiting for much much further beta then i will play it, and did you manage to fix the ruins of alph problem?
Thanks for posting here and for answering that guy's question. I tried to make my hack as accurate as possible, but, sadly, the RoA have been deleted for now because they cause too much problems.

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