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    Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
    This is probably the most promising GSC remake that I've ever seen.

    The problem is - it's too late. We've got HGSS. The era of remakes is over.

    Yay at using Emerald as the base, it's got everything that FRLG has plus the PokeNav. It's a really good choice.

    But those maps from Platinum/Palladium Project are bored and tired from every side. Seeing them gets me annoyed, it's like I'm looking at the same hack all the time.

    I say - don't be afraid of importing some stuff of HGSS. Some elements of HGSS are really fine to be used in a GBA remake (like Rocket Executives, they really need their names and sprites [you may want to make Archer and Ariana more similar to their GSC counterparts, though]).

    Also, what I'd love to see is to see HGSS-like Johto tilesets but in FRLG style. And I'm not talking about those DS-imitating tilesets, as they're mostly ugly and annoying. I'm saying that it'd be possible to make HGSS-based tilesets but in GBA style, without mimicking the pseudo-3D graphics.
    I think the current tiles are gonna fit this better than any other ugly tiles.
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