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Originally Posted by chriskid198 View Post
Oh, the Day and Night System... xD
Yeah... XD
Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post

aww..thats too bad, but i focused on the "FOR NOW" which means it is still in fixing rite?
anyway, i am still looking forward to try this..
Yes, I hope to have a fix before the release of Beta 2.
Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
This is probably the most promising GSC remake that I've ever seen. Thanks.

The problem is - it's too late. We've got HGSS. The era of remakes is over. That's like saying that just because... nvm, read the quote under this.

Yay at using Emerald as the base, it's got everything that FRLG has plus the PokeNav. It's a really good choice. Thanks. I thought about FireRed, but, like you said, Emerald IS FireRed IMPROVED. Plus, for GSC remakes, it's overused.

But those maps from Platinum/Palladium Project are bored and tired from every side. Seeing them gets me annoyed, it's like I'm looking at the same hack all the time. Maps? From Palladium? What are you talking about? I made all my maps from scratch - the tilesets and some sprites have been copied from there, nothing more.

I say - don't be afraid of importing some stuff of HGSS. Some elements of HGSS are really fine to be used in a GBA remake (like Rocket Executives, they really need their names and sprites [you may want to make Archer and Ariana more similar to their GSC counterparts, though]). Uhh, no. Remember, my goal is to make as accurate a GSC remake as possible.

Also, what I'd love to see is to see HGSS-like Johto tilesets but in FRLG style. And I'm not talking about those DS-imitating tilesets, as they're mostly ugly and annoying. I'm saying that it'd be possible to make HGSS-based tilesets but in GBA style, without mimicking the pseudo-3D graphics. FireRed graphics suit it much better than any fan-made tilesets would.
Responses in bold.
Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
What does that have to do with anything?
Just because there has been made official Remakes, doesen't mean that you should give up on making some new one.
Even though there has been made R/B/G remakes, they still keep popping in.
Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
I think the current tiles are gonna fit this better than any other ugly tiles.
Perfect responses. Just perfect.
Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I came up with a cool idea. You should implement all the beta stuff they never had in the finals- Music, Safari Zone, and such. Find some here, here, and here.

Unused Track 1
Unused Track 2, my favorite
Unused Track 3, my second fave.

Just a simple suggestion. :D This looks really good as is, and I hope to play it when there is a bit more playability, like Cianwood City or such.
Oh, don't worry, that's going to happen. Just, maybe not in Kanto or Johto.
Also, Unused Track 3 is already in use (minus drums)! Check the PCC.
But, quick poll: Would you guys rather have the Kanto Safari Zone re-opened (overused idea) or a new one in the Sevii Isles?

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