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    I've played your hack up to the first cave(Ran into a glitch). So, I guess I should give you a review.

    Things I liked
    • The fact that the door in Bellsprout Tower was animated.
    • How closely everything is matched to the original G/S/C
    • The scripts are very well done.
    • Hoenn Pokemon in the grass. <3
    Things I disliked
    • The Night palletes, you can edit them in the D/N tool you're using.
    • The high encounter rate for Pidgeys. Almost every. Single. One. Was a Pidgey.
    • No night pokemon(I'm sure you'll fix this.)
    • The fact that there might not be much variation from original G/S/C to this.
    Bugs / Glitches / Oddities
    • In the PokeGear, the prof. is named Birch, not Elm.
    • And now, the one that stopped me from playing further. This glitch switched me with the nurse from the PokeCenter before the cave that links Violet to Azalea(Spelling?) Town. As in, I'm behind the counter with a discolored sprite, and my original sprite is on the other side of the counter. Also, note that pressing start and looking at your Pokemon will revert your sprite back to the original, but you'll still be behind the counter. I've taken screenies of both.

    • Sometimes, when entering a building at night, the pallete switches to day for a brief moment then reverts.
    Now, I'm completely sure you can fix the first one. However, I have no idea as to how to fix the second. But, you're Diego. You can probably do it.

    • Change the Night part of the D/N System. I feel as if it's just a tiiiiny bit too bright.
    • Lower the Pidgey encounter rate. They drove me insane. xD
    • The first route, the building that leads to the route that connects Blackthorn City with the first route, can you do something about the Pokemon there? I went in expecting a lvl 3 Geodude or something and caught a level 13 Marill by accident. o_O (Sorry I'm not giving specific Route names. I can't remember them.)
    • In Bellsprout Tower, could you slightly darken the pallete to the floor tile? It seems too bright to me.
    • If it's possible, could you make it so music changes with night and day? Like, normal music during the day and kind of slower, softer music at night? I think it'd be a nice little feature to make this hack kind of more unique.
    • Loads of people are saying that this is pointless because we already have G/S/C remakes. However, HG/SS are games I didn't particularly like. They didn't give me the same nostalgic feel I seemed to have while I played this. I thank you for bringing back my childhood memories of playing this game outside on the porch on my Gameboy color until the sun set and I had to go inside and play with regular lights. Or the memory of my parents driving to Connecticut and I made them buy a flashlight so I could play my Gold version at night. Don't give up Diego. Make this better than HG/SS. I know you can do it.
    • Fix the bugs. ;]
    Well, that's all I can think to say. I hope you take all of this into consideration, as I think this'll help your hack. Or, if you throw it all out the window, I completely understand your point of view.

    -- Anselection
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