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    PMU is a multiplayer online game that is based on the spin-off Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.
    Coded in C#

    For anyone who has played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon before, you will find PMU to be a familiar sight! Everything that you loved doing in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series can be done in PMU!

    Want to join a rescue team? Want to explore the world, find new dungeons, and build a team of strong and unique pokemon? Or perhaps you want to rest for a short while and decorate your house. You can do all this and more! You won't be alone either! Play with players from around the world as you train and explore!

    Plot Teaser

    After a catastrophic disaster that spans centuries ago …

    Prepare yourself - once again - for one of the biggest Pokémon surprises ever, as the hidden world of Pokémon lures in a human trainer! Turning YOU into a Pokémon that can understand the languages of all 493!

    But this time, your stay isn’t all fun and games – as your perilous journey takes you through snowy mountains, dense forests and across fields of rumbling thunder and molten lava!

    A change that would come as a surprise to anyone - waking up as a human trapped in a Pokémon’s body - things take a turn for the worst at your first encounter of Team Psy, whose intentions are far from good! From then on - there's no turning back from your fate as an explorer!

    With the help of a newfound friends, and a rather lenient Eevee – you’d best prepare yourself for an adventure that will span across the ages, and truly unravel the mysterious history of Pokémon Mystery Universe!

    * Evolution
    * Recruitable Pokemon
    * weather and effects
    * Explorer Kit will provide you with tools that will help with your exploration
    * Pokemon can be afflicted with status ailments
    * Pokemon learn moves as they level up
    * mission system
    * Players are able to skin the GUI thanks to the new skinning feature
    * All players get a free house to decorate
    * held item system similar to PMD's
    * You can create parties with other players to aid in exploration
    * Belly system
    * The mystery dungeon system has been vastly improved. Now each floor in a random dungeon is truly unique!
    * And much more!

    Getting Started
    Here's just some controls and commands to get you start moving.

    Using moves: Once you learn some moves through leveling(some moves may be skipped over) hold either W, A, S, D (these are move keys) an aim tile should appear(unless it's an area effect move or an empty move slot) press F while holding the move key.

    Public Messages:[creates messages in the public chat] add a ' before your message

    Partying with others: When you are in a party you are restricted to use only your leader pokemon. You can only add up to four players. You cannot switch your team of recruits once you are in party mode. So you want to make sure you have the pokemon you want to train as team leader. You can switch team leader in Chimecho Assembly. Parties are only effective if the team leader pokemon are pretty near as far as levels go and on the same map when fighting off pokemon for exp.

    It all starts with a crew leader forming a party with /createparty

    Users who want to join the party must me right next to the party leader and type /joinparty "party leader name" (quotes are only necessary if they have a space in their name) Take note that the name should be typed exactly the way it looks above their name. It's case sensitive.

    /leaveparty to leave the party. If the party leader uses this command the whole party will disband.

    /wb "player name" (quotes are only necessary if they have a space in their name) automatically creates a welcome message

    /poke "insert something here" (quotes are unnecessary)

    /praise "insert something here" (quotes are unnecessary)

    /away this command gives off a message that you are away or returning and a "[away]" should appear next to you name. Type to return.

    /status "insert something here" (quotes are unneccessary) it makes a status message. For example if typed "/status AFK" you name gets "[AFK]" next to it. Very useful if you are in a certain mood or doing something. Type /status without anything to remove it.

    Shift [the one located at the left side of the keyboard] it allows you to run while holding it with the arrow keys

    Home button changes you pokemon's direction

    F11 Creates a screenshot and store it in you client folder under the screenshots
    Usually it's like this (unless placed under another directory or within a device)
    C:\Program Files\Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Screenshots

    /leavehouse allows you to leave a player's house.

    /edithouse Opens up the editor when you are in your home

    /giveup give up in a dungeon or area. It takes you back to the Crossroads.

    /trade "player name" (quotes are only necessary if they have a space in their name) Allows you to trade with another (there may be certain items that are not tradeable)

    Pokemon™ Mystery Universe is a non-profit game no way related to Nintendo. © Pokemon™ Mystery Universe 2010. Some Rights Reserved. All media and conceptual design © Nintendo 2010. Pokemon characters and images belong to Pokemon USA, Inc. This website is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK, The Pokemon Company, Chunsoft, Pokemon USA, Inc. or Wizards of the Coast.

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