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i've been thinking about plotting this out for a while,
an action/comedy about ninjas, god knows if i'll finish it, but i hope i do .

Plot Summary:
A fourteen year old boy named by the prophecy has come to America in search of two brothers who are needed to prevent the Moritoki Clan from obtaining the key to unlocking the supernatural abilities performed by ninjas. The fourteen year old boy has been trained since birth in the area of ninjitsu, with expertise in Intonjutsu and Bojutsu, as well as being competent in the other sixteen branches of ninjitsu. As most of his life has been spent training to fulfill the prophecy, he has been deprived a free childhood. The boy finds the two brothers he needs to locate, and prepares them for their battle with spiritual, mental and physical training. While the care-free brothers learn responsibility and discipline, the young boy learns how to have a fun and enjoyable life. After the training is complete the three stake out the Moritoki Clan and after a heated battle stop them from obtaining the supernatural abilities.

Of course, a little suspension of disbelief will be needed to overcome the feeling of absence with adults and that the fact the brothers are older than their mentor will be pretty odd. I also plan to make the fourteen year old boy to act like a mentor who gives the cold-shoulder, but as the story progresses he begins to care for his students. Same with the students, I will make them so they act disrespectful to their mentor, are uncooperative, they won't trust their mentor and don't take the ninjitsu to seriously, but then as the story progresses they respect their mentor and have more trust and co-operation.


i'm also trying to cover all the emotions and etc for a teenager, as there is the whole puberty thing, and the fact that this is aimed for teenagers, i haven't focused much on adults.
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