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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    FireRed graphics suit it much better than any fan-made tilesets would.
    I was talking about a different thing.

    I said that Johto should look at least a bit different from Kanto. For example, the houses in the towns should have their own designs, so that they don't look exactly the same as the houses in some town in Kanto.

    Also, I think that the look of trees, signs, Gyms etc. should look different between Kanto and Johto, as it did in GSC. That's my concern here.

    In GSC, where you went to Kanto, you really felt that you're in a different region, as it had different tileset. No fan remake I've seen so far has kept this feeling.

    And I think that the designs for buildings and the like should be made from scratch, based on those from HGSS (so, for example, houses in Violet City are wooden with violet roof etc.) but they should be made in overall FRLG graphic style (as I said, I hate mimicking NDS graphic style in GBA hacks).
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