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    Originally Posted by RulerArceus View Post
    Emma's Mugshot is strangely familiar to Iris, Doesn't It?Also, Hydrozel has a nice "I'm gonna kill you/rob your house" look his evolutions are meant to have.
    Phoenix Rising?They're Phoenix's? Just Over sized Birds to me...
    But still,I shall Support.
    Crazy Fanboy,
    ~Ruler Arceus
    Um...I think there MIGHT have been some cc in there, the part about Emma looking like Iris.
    Yup, I'm pretty sure you hit it right on the ball. Emma's an edit, but a pretty good edit.
    I suggest your team fixes that up, abnegation. I mean it won't effect gameplay too much, but it will look much more professional if you have a custom VS sprite for her.
    Although it already is quite professional looking :D

    paired to kaori & vrai