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Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
But Game Freak's official presentation of the world will always be leagues more accurate and better-looking than some fanwank.

Especially that Project Platinum's tilesets give me an automatic regurgitative effect whenever I see them, just as much as the people who led that project (mostly elitist pricks who bash anyone who doesn't agree with them). Not to mention that they simply look dull, their Johto looks exactly the same as Kanto, it's so boring.

So, if you're neglecting official material, why don't you remake Kanto as well? After all, FRLG Kanto is just an inaccurate presentation of RGBY, just as HGSS is an inaccurate presentation of HGSS.
Yes, it may be more "accurate" and "better-looking" to what they had in mind, but mine is MUCH more accurate when compared to Crystal. And that's what I'm going for here.
If you like HGSS's maps and such, go play HGSS, not complain about how a fan remake isn't what Game Freak wanted it to be.

And well, I'm sorry about the tilesets giving you a regurgitative effect, but it IS mostly FRLG tileset, plus some sweet other things in FRLG format. I'll admit, however, to the fact that the two regions look the same; in the future, something will be done to make Kanto and Johto look different, but right now, it doesn't matter as much as it will when all the regions are present.

And well, why wouldn't I remake Kanto as well? Did you think I was simply going to copy FRLG's maps after all of the trouble of getting them as accurate to GSC as possible? No siree, they'll be remade, although following FRLG's representation a bit, too.

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