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    I finally got around to starting this. Update #1

    -Started the game, called myself Link and my rival Ganon (Yep, real subtle naming there...)
    -Hacked Machop in place of Squirtle (Realised later I should've replaced Charmander for fairness's sake) Named him Power. (Okay, I know it should be Courage, but that suits Flareon so much better)
    -Delivered Oak's Parcel
    -Killed Rattatas and Mankeys until Power hit level 13, battled Ganon and won.
    -Headed through Viridian Forest, battled Brock in Pewter City, critted Karate Chop vs Geodude and one shotted Onix with Low Kick.
    -Got the Boulder Badge
    Power/Machop Lv.16
    -Low Kick
    -Focus Energy
    -Karate Chop

    -Replaced Low Kick with Rock Tomb and headed east to Mt Moon
    -Caught a Paras HM slave in Mt Moon
    -Beat Ganon again north of Cerulean City
    -Beat the nugget bridge and made my way to Bill's house
    -Saved the creepy furry dude from his 'The Fly' reference
    -Healed up and headed to the gym
    -2 hit KOd Staryu with Karate Chop, nearly KOd Starmie before Power fainted, threw my HM slave at it while I revived him (please, tell me this is allowed) and then finished it with another karate chop.
    -Got the Cascade Badge
    Power/Machop Lv.27
    -Karate Chop
    -Rock Tomb
    -Focus Energy
    Current Challenges:
    The Ones That Got Away Challenge: Ultimate
    - Leaf Green - Crystal- Sapphire - Pearl - Black -

    Completed Challenges:
    Nuzlocke Challenge: Moemon Forever V2
    Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Normal
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