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    Originally Posted by MaX Kazuki View Post
    i wanna confirm something,
    if i play beta 1 and save after 3rd gym battle ,can i continue it on beta 2 ?
    Well, after this update I highly recommend that you start a new file.

    Originally Posted by SilentWing View Post
    The tiles are overused? Generic? These tiles look utterly gorgeous. I've yet to see a showcased hack actually stick with them for the long haul, making these gems actually much rarer in mature hacks.

    The FR tiles are the ones that are overused, since all the "major" hacks here use them!

    You're so close to a full-gym beta; why turn back on the tiles now, eh? Might as well "edit" these ones or refresh them with some even more daring new ones. But FR again?

    They do look nice, but I think I'm better off with the FireRed tiles. And by looking at the poll other people think so too.

    Originally Posted by Surge360 View Post
    FireShocked, Would you be able to let me test it? (I'm Brian2one0 on youtube) Just send me a message from your account. Surely your remember me.
    Yes, I do remember you. I'll message you on there.

    Well, I'm gonna hold off on releasing beta two for now. That is because I'm going to update the tiles with the FireRed ones. I also think this is the perfect time to go back and update all of my maps with a different style. Everything else for beta two is finished.

    Anybody that was going to beta test still can when it's ready. I hope to have beta two finished with in the next month.
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