Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Originally Posted by Baronnecro View Post
Great Man! I can't wait for every moment, even when we get our initial 3 pokemons. (which usually bores me to death) From everything I've seen, beautiful work.
Thanks! Hopefully the intro will be redone to be a tad bit... epic.

Originally Posted by Aro-kun View Post
This is what i'd name it lol.

Pokemon Black & White DE (B&WDE)
Pokemon DE: Black & White
DE? Pweese explain?

Originally Posted by tacticalbread View Post
actually, this is probably much more relevant to your interests:

It's an actual script, so you don't have to go through the game, or the git, which is formatted for inserting into the game.
Wow! This is great! (I still wanna play the game still. Gotta make maps somehow.)

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I wouldn't mind helping with this. I'd love to see how Hiun City will turn out as. I can do maps, as I have this on my AceKard.
Oh, an actual mapper. And you seem kind at that. Perhaps I shall look into this.

Originally Posted by donquixote123456 View Post
Ok heres the deal . If you are interested in adding 5 generation pokemon into your hack i can provide you with sprites , complete move sets that the pokemon will learn as they level up and evolve, and complete ENGLISH pokedex entries for most , and a few other things. However inserting them into the hack is completely your responsibility as i honestly don't have the time with my exams and stuff.
and i could also give you the tms that each pokemon would learn. The only thing you would have to find is move animations for the battle sprites and psypoke or what ever you call it you know the uh list that comes when you press start>pokemon in game
It's chill. I have already fully inserted 25 Pokemon as it is (in no particular order, like Victini and the three starters + Evos). Pretty easy with and bulbapedia.

Originally Posted by dead-man-walking View Post
Looking from storyline, how about Dawn of Nightmare/Twilight/Dusk?

Also, you say Fakemon:

On Fakemon section. I already have better art and they got a Ground-type Physical Sweeper counterpart some time tomorrow.
Nice fakemon. I do appreciate people PARTICIPATING in the Activities. You just reminded me of something I will address at the end of this message.

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Demakes of B/W is a splendid idea. I do really look forward to playing it
Thank you. I do appreciate encouragement.

Anyways, last remark. I know how people are saying "No Fakemons" or "It'll ruin the game for me" but when I go to the 5th Gen. Pokemon Discussion thread everybody says they don't like the 5th gen ones. Which one is it? Would you like the Fakemon that look real in the game so it satisfies the "Make better Pokemon, Gamefreak" urge inside of you, or keep with the originals?
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