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    I personally loved this episode. My favorite episodes are usually the ones about Team Rocket, because when they're not just in there to be punny, they actually have a pretty comic dynamic. Most of the funniest moments have already been mentioned (things shattering, Ash's cluelessness, the Rapidash, Meowth's note). I thought the whole "Make me a sammich" thing was pretty hysterical.

    Did anyone else think Glameow was kind of a two-dimensional character? Just kidding... I wasn't really expecting her to be much more than that. I'm not one for Glameow's much but when she put up her paws to defend herself it was pretty adorable.

    Long story short, this episode might have been filler, but I think those are some of the best. It's been far too long since the last Team Rocket episode. Can't wait for the next.
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