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So many Challenges, so little time...

Gonna do this! An Ultimate Challenge with...

Gengar , Gyarados , and Machamp .

Will go Yellow, SoulSilver, Sapphire, and Platinum(prolly). This one looks like fun!

Edit: Just started! A quick update here for Yellow, which should be fun, since I've never played it before.

So I called myself Wes and my Rival Gary. After Gary stole my Eevee, I got a Pikachu, and lost to a critical hit Tackle >_< . After getting the Pokdex and making my way through Viridian City, I sharked in a Machop just before Viridian Forest. Pikachu almost died to a crit Karate Chop but I was able to catch it at L6 on the first ball with Pikachu hanging on with 2 HP left. Forgot to name it, though . With Machop, ran through the Forest and eventually had to use Struggle to beat the last trainer . That was hilarious. Machop was at L12 when we arrived at Pewter City. Challenged Brock after growing to L13 in the previous battle, and won with Karate Chop spam and using a few Potions. The Critical Hit rate in this game is totally skewed! After getting the Boulder Badge and teaching Bide stat to Machop, I started making my way to Mt. Moon. I fought the first trainer and the Rocket and used the HP Up on Machop, then saved. Gonna start again soon.

Team Wes:

Machop - L19
Karate Chop

Pikachu - L6
Tail Whip
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